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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Users Haunted By New Battery Issue: How To Fix It

 ( owners have lodged complaints to Microsoft due to their devices' failure to charge and automatic shutdown problem, Phone Arena reports. According to a thread of complaints in Microsoft's community forum, the reported Surface Pro 3 devices are powered by batteries made by LG.

The publication stated that the company is "aware" of the issue but has not released any statement yet until now to clear things up. However, MVP Barb Bowman, community moderator, stated that the company knew what was going on with the battery issues of the tablet/laptop hybrid.

Late last month, Microsoft already released a minor software update to fix bug issues affecting the device's batteries. Microsoft admitted that the maker of these batteries, Simplo Technology Co., had misreported capacity.

With this already happening previously, some speculated that the bug fix Microsoft sent to the battery issue with Simplo could have caused -- or at least aggravated -- the situation, thereby affecting LG batteries.

One complainant named  who is based in Hong Kong shared his/her concern in the forum site last week. Accordingly, following the Windows 10 anniversary software update, he/she was not able to use her Surface Pro 3 device without docking it in a power supply and would always say "82% plugged in, not charging."

Bowman, however, clarified in her response to the said complainant that the Windows 10 software update has nothing to do with the glitches experienced in LG-made batteries. She maintained that the current glitch is "definitely a different problem" from what had happened to Simplo-made batteries.

For now, the best way to counter this battery issue with the Surface Pro 3 is  to a power outlet.

As of this time, complaints continue to flood in Microsoft's community forum.


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